Roller-type electronic measurement

The Planix 6 has an 8-digit readout and operates up to 30 continuous hours using a rechargeable NiCad battery

Its features include selectable English or Metric scales

multiple measurement averaging, display hold, accumulative measurement, and electronic zero reset

A battery power saving provision automatically turns off the instrument when left inactive for more than three minutes

The Planix 7 offers all of the features of the Planix 6, plus display of areas directly in terms of square centimeter, meters, inches, feet, or acres, plus provision for input of different X and Y scale factors

Key Planix 6 & 7 features and specifications include

  • Measure area, average, and cumulative total
  • LCD dsiplay with zero suppression
  • Accuracy better than 0.2%
  • Ideal for measuring elongated areas
  • Input separate X and Y scale (Planix 7 only)
  • Full numeric keypad (Planix 7 only)