RD 7000


Radio detection’s RD7000+ Underground Utility Locator range delivers accurate, reliable and repeatable performance in an easy-to-use digital package


  • RD7000+ SL/SLM

Construction Industry A broad range of standard  active frequencies and the rugged construction common to all Radiodetection locators makes the RD7000+ SL and SLM – featuring RF marker locating – reliable and versatile locators for the construction industry.

  • RD7000+ DL/DLM

              Water Industry

Incorporating several features specifically designed for users working in pipe location and inspection, and supported by the wide range of Radiodetection accessories, the RD7000+ DL and DLM are the ideal locators for the water industry

  • RD7000+ PL/PLM

Power Industry

                  Designed specifically for the power industry with tailored features and a range of compatible accessories designed for power applications, the RD7000+ PL and PLM also features fault find capability, enabling cable faults to be precisely located

RD7000+ TL/TLM

             Telecom Industry

High impedance sheathed telecoms cables make location a real challenge. With a range of locate frequencies extending up to 200 kHz and fault finding capabilities, the RD7000+ TL and TLM have been designed to address the needs of users tasked with locating and maintaining such cables

PLM and TLM models also feature automatic usage logging at 1/sec as standard, and convenient service reminders CALSafe™)ALSafe™)